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REVIEW:  Boyd’s work is primitive yet sophisticated in that she is self-taught but educated.  “Brick Couple” is the most outsider art piece, while the others are more versed in symbolic forms.  Aside from the sexual imagery, the predominant impression is curvilineal.  Boyd uses both organic and mechanical lines to gain fluidity.  They produce a reduction and simplicity that explores volumetric shapes, retaining that volume through chiaroscuro shading. 

This exploration rests inside the self, although multiple figures are sometimes presented.  It

is the spatial relationship between the others and the self, and the exploration of volume through line, that maintains the tensions within the inner space.  Many of these figures tend to take a more phallic than vaginal expression of sexual imagery, yet the work overall brings to mind feminist artists such as Judy Chicago or Miriam Shapiro.


-  Wanda Rahm, Museums of Tusculum College, Greeneville, TN


ARTIST STATEMENT: These pieces started as an attempt at a self-portrait, and grew into an exploration of sexuality, sensuality and growth.  There is certainly an over-arching

feminine/female theme with varying degrees of positive versus negative emotions.  Pieces are done with colored pencil &/or pastel pencils.  They are a period of work from 2001-2006.


All are dry mounted, matted and framed and ready to be hung and sold. 

Framed they are sized mostly at 11X14” or 16X20”.

portfolio of drawings

V2K 244 Fifth Ave, Suite V207 New York, NY 10001

For sale.  Double-click to enlarge.