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The three ladies are an ensemble titled “I’D RATHER BE Cooking”, “I’D RATHER BE Cleaning” and “I’D RATHER BE Sewing”.  They are meant to take the onlooker through several levels of examination of the way in which individuals internalize the messages from outside influences, and the ways in which everyone lives with the weight of those digested ideas and gender propaganda.  

     Although the figures are essentially feminine, the issues addressed are not solely based on a woman’s experience.  There are as many messages in the media targeting men as women, and they affect us all.

JARS, a collection of glass jars with revamped labels, approaches 4 iconic stories in our culture of victimization, focusing on youth in fairy tales and stories and biblical narratives.  The moral of the story is... don’t fight back, be passive.  These jars take the traditional story of the Frog Prince’s damsel, the sad little boy of “What Little Boys Are Made Of...”, Abraham’s son Isaac, and the daughters of Lot, and imagines a new fate and a new story of action and (self) preservation.  JARS is my first project using digital manipulation.  This is an interactive piece that viewers are encouraged to handle.


Also included is the CRASH BOX, which hangs on the wall and opens like a jewelry box, to find a wadded metal ball with pins.  This takes from a drawing in the Scream Series called “I Have No God”.  The 2001 drawing was a response to a car wreck, as is the Crash Box.  This box is about the process of healing and the (sometimes hidden) commonalities between the desert and the sea.  This is an interactive piece that viewers are encouraged to open and close.

And NORTH is an exploration of the ideal masculinity presented to men by the media.




The “I’d rather be...” trio utilizes cloth, newsprint, straight pins, cardboard, acrylics, resin; the largest of the three is approximately 1’x1’x10”

Jars is reused glass jars, wooden hanging frame, snails, salt, BBQ sauce, jam, paper labels; it measures 20”x19”x3.5”

Crash Box is self-adhesive metal roofing, cardboard, aluminum, acupuncture pins, fishing weight, acrylics, glue, hinges; closed it is 7”x7”x4”, open it is 7”x14”x4”

North is composed melted wax and acrylic on canvas with barbed wire (this photo shows a thinner test wire) 8” x 10”


All work © VBoyd; All photographic images © Sonya Ledanski and Su Polo

portfolio of mixed media

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